Indie Imprint Book Review: All the King’s-Men by Adam Dreece

Available in print and on Kindle and Kobo.

Want to read my book review of Along Came a Wolf (Book 1 of The Yellow Hoods) or of Breadcrumb Trail (Book 2 of The Yellow Hoods)/Snappy & Dashing (A Yellow Hoods Companion Tale, #1)  first? Click a link and enjoy!


With the upcoming October 10, 2015, release of Beauties of the Beast (Book 4 of The Yellow Hoods), I decided to return to author Adam Dreece’s wonderful emergent steampunk/fairy tale world. The Yellow Hoods series is an amazing series. Adam Dreece is a young-adult novelist who deserves to be recognized as a top writer in the YA genre.

His series, published by ADZO Publishing, is an example of both independent authorship and publishing at its finest. I am so pleased that author Adam Dreece’s work was not lost in the mainstream publishing run-around, and I believe fans of this intelligent series which combines machine gears and Mother Goose would agree with me that Adam Dreece makes indie authors look good.


The third novel of The Yellow Hoods series, All the King’s-Men, starts right where Breadcrumb Trail ends. The characters’ emotional exhaustion after the chaos of the previous book’s climax leads them all in different directions as they journey to resolve troubling revelations. Bakon is missing after he learns a shocking secret about himself; his beloved Egelina-Marie is seeking him out with the aid of Yellow Hood member, Richy. The walled city of Mineau has been besieged and occupied. Tee Baker’s grandfather, Nikolas Klaus, has been abducted by the formidable and forward-thinking Marcus Pieman. As chaos reigns and villains enjoy their victories, the heroes journey into the world to right what has gone so terribly wrong.

All the King’s-Men is a continuation of Breadcrumb Trail‘s smart young-adult fiction for intelligent young-adult readers. Author Adam Dreece’s vivid world, his well-developed story, and his quick-and-clean writing makes for an immersive read from the first sentence. His shifting-viewpoint narrative (with flashbacks) was nascent in Along Came a Wolf, creating a roughly-woven yet deeply engaging and innovative tale. Dreece’s same narrative style has evolved masterfully over the series, creating an artful tapestry in All the King’s-Men. The story now flows easily between vignettes which develop more tension and intrigue as mysteries are unraveled and exposed. Each novel in The Yellow Hoods series displays his growing skill as author. Dreece is quickly becoming a master storyteller of our time.

Putting down All the King’s-Men was difficult, because every chapter both added to the story and propelled the adventure forward. The inventions, the characters, the settings, and the plot are innovative and beautifully expressed through the written word. Author Adam Dreece’s Yellow Hoods series is a modern young-adult classic in the making–a series meant to be read and re-read, shared between generations, and collected. Dreece’s seminal series is just the beginning of what I predict will develop into a long career of extraordinary mid-grade and YA epic adventure novels and series.

All the King’s-Men is not a stand-alone work within The Yellow Hoods series. A continuation of Breadcrumb Trail, this novel depends heavily on its prequel even as it builds upon it. While All the King’s-Men can be read independently of Breadcrumb Trail without taking away from the enjoyment of either novel, reading the second book of The Yellow Hoods series immediately before reading the third will serve to improve this epic adventure presented by author Adam Dreece.

The singular, narrative voice that Adam Dreece developed in Breadcrumb Trail evolved yet again in All the King’s-Men. The Yellow Hoods series has been elevated from must-read and must-reread series to future fantasy classic with the addition of All the King’s-Men. The upcoming October 10, 2015, release of Beauties of the Beast (Book 4 of The Yellow Hoods) is a wonderful opportunity to introduce or re-acquaint readers of every age with Adam Dreece’s fantastic world of fairy stories and fabulous machines.



Five gears out of five, as a must-read novel with a high reread factor.

I also recommend The Yellow Hoods series as a Christmas 2015 gift for the adolescent reader in one’s life.


Adam Dreece on Goodreads and on Twitter

Author Website

Yellow Hoods Website

Paperback: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The Yellow Hoods Store (signed editions direct from ADZO publishing)

Ebook: Amazon (Kindle) , Kobo

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