Wewease the Novel! ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part Wuns Fwee!

I must owder it immediatewy for my fwiends!

Welp, it’s been released into the wild, on beyond excerpt.

Til Undeath Do Us Part is ready for readers'Til Undeath Do Us Part to adopt and take home, leaping out like a cryptid critter from the shadows and into the light of day. Or, well, the backlight of an e-reader.


achievementFirst, I want to thank everyone who pre-ordered copies of and who waited with me for the release of the first novel in the Cryptid Series: ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part. Every pre-order gave me hope that I put together a book people want to read. You encouraged me to move forward on the second book in the series: Man and Brother. I am deeply grateful, and I hope you enjoy ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part.


ThankAuthorWriteReviewSecond, I hope that readers will let me know what works and what does not work in ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part. Reader feedback does make a difference; reviews matter to writers–even a well-written one-star review is a generous gift. Suggestions and constructive critiques (with both good and bad) help evolve writers. Reader engagement helps produce the novels people want to see. I, personally, have already made changes to the series based on interactions with individuals. So, please feel free to contact me–especially with your favorite cryptid critters. I welcome productive engagement with readers as the Cryptid Series continues.


So, what’s the Cryptid Series all about?

Combining the science fiction and paranormal genres, the Cryptid Series examines what would happen if the supernatural suddenly made itself known in the modern world. Many paranormal novels offer immediate acceptance of the supernatural by human beings. While it works well for paranormal fantasy and paranormal romance overall, I contemplated what a person who disbelieves the paranormal would do when confronted by a sudden presence of the supernatural in the natural world.

The answer, to me, is that paranormal events and cryptid beings would need the myths surrounding them shaken off. If they exist, then they are part of the natural world. Through scientific study, cryptid critters would filter down from the supernatural aether to a weird yet still-natural world.

Does this mean every mystery is solvable? Not at all! Science is a process, and that means some things remain mysterious until science catches up with them. ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part takes the first tentative steps into observing and studying the strange and mysterious.

Since people interact with these cryptid beings, there’s a potential for emotional and even romantic connections. So the Cryptid Series straddles three genres: Science Fiction, Paranormal, and Romance.


So, what’s ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part about?

'Til Undeath Do Us PartA team of three people (psychologist Maggie Glass, psychic medium Edward Case, and biologist Kalyani Sharma) work together to bust hoaxes and expose frauds for the Sanctuary Initiative.

A brutal serial killer stalks the Arizona night. Maggie’s there to build a psychological profile on the murderer and sell books; Edward insists a real vampire is there who needs their help; Kalyani just wants to name a new species after herself and prove to her parents she doesn’t need a husband.

Secrets are revealed and personalities clash as the three journey into a world where myths are real. For them, things go from weird to paranormal.


The full version and excerpts of Til Undeath Do Us Part are available on these ebook platforms right now:














Find out more about me, Jessica Alter, from my Indie Book Promo author interview.

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Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Wewease the Novel! ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part Wuns Fwee!”

    1. Thanks, Ward! I’m elbows deep and tangled in science, the metaphysical, and the paranormal–even as the characters are developing and evolving. It’s a wild world in the Cryptid Series; thank you for wanting to return to it with the next novel in the series: Man and Brother. 🙂


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