#MondayBlogs Round Up (23 March 2015)

MondayBlogsParticipating in #MondayBlogs is a great way to get a snapshot not only of what happens to all of us but what happens to each of us. Personal journeys and public discussions abound; great thoughts and insights and advice sit behind an unassuming little hash mark.

If you want to learn all about MondayBlogs, then please read this informative web article:


“What Is #MondayBlogs and Why Should Bloggers Participate?”



“Beware the Falling Avocados”

by Catharine Withenay () for


DrewinDrivefont“Own Your Influences”

by Drew Chial () for


“Author Interview–Terry Tyler []”

by Shelley Wilson () for


KidsEatRight“Have You Talked To Your Children About Fruits And Vegetables?”

by Eric Johnson () for



by Shea Ford for



“60-Second Spotlight: Author Adam Gainer []”

by E.M. Kaplan () for



“How to Write a Novel in Ten Steps”

by Monica Bruno () for


StephenKingQuoteDescription“The Art Of Description: How Much Do You Need?”

by Allison Maruska () for



“The Inner Critter: Awareness First, The Writing Will Follow”

by Laura Munson () for


HemingwayQuote--ProseisArchitecture“Adventures in Extreme Novel Outlining”

by Cindy Grigg () for


DisneyTombstones“Characters–Why Someone Must Die”

by Ellen Mulholland () for


“A Sampling of the Fiction Writer’s Curse”

by J. Greening () for


Blogginga-to-z-Challengebadge“The Big Reveal”

by Sabina () for




“Critique Group or Beta Readers?”

by K.C. Sprayberry () for


BeganToWriteEdwardGorey“3 Great Things about a First Draft”

by Carly Watters () for



and my own #MondayBlogs contribution:


BooksMakeUniverseComeAlive“Don’t Quit Your Daydream Job”

by Jess Alter () for

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