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First, I want to thank the inimitable and incomparable Laurie “L. A.” Starkey (@LAStarkey) for asking me to join in this blog hop. To sum up about blog hops: An online journal-writer comes up with a theme, writes a blog entry on it, and passes the theme along to others to do the same.

[EDIT: I just also got tagged today on JMD Reid’s blog hop entry, so I encourage everyone to take a look-see at his Top 10, too!]

This particular blog hop’s theme is my ten favorite screen characters. Film or television both count. Uh, then I am supposed to request up to ten other bloggers to do the same, which is a bit sticky for me.

Well, this is not in any particular order, but they all are in my Top 10:


PeterDinklageasFinbarPeter Dinklage as Finbar McBride in The Station Agent.

I expect most people know him as Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones, or as the children’s book writer in Elf, or even as the caustic actor from In Bruges. Hell, folks may know him from Knights of Badassdom. His portrayal of Finbar McBride in this film, however, makes The Station Agent one of those watch-it-again films.


ToniColletteasShaz2Toni Collette as Shaz in Mental

I have enjoyed her in several film roles, despite not yet having seen her television performance in the United States of Tara. I own Muriel’s Wedding, and Mental is like an unsaid sequel–what if Muriel completely went off her nut. Her performance as the bizarre and clearly unstable Shaz in this absolutely insane Australian film . . . it’s priceless.



BenStillerasWalterMittyBen Stiller as Walter Mitty in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Ben Stiller’s work had only been amusing to me before this role. I don’t go to movie theaters; I went twice to see Walter Mitty. As director, too, the man also got great performances from both Sean Penn and Patton Oswalt. Enough said.


LucyLawlessasXenaLucy Lawless as Xena in Xena: Warrior Princess

I know she’s done other things, but I loved this campy and snarky and just-plain-crazy story about this Hercules: The Legendary Journeys villain turning into a hero seeking redemption. I watched weekly from the first episode. However, I’m an early-season Xena-phile. Once she died the first time . . . it steadily lost appeal to me.


WillFarrellasHaroldCrickWill Ferrell as Harold Crick in Stranger than Fiction

I was hoping this would be his breakout film, like Dead Poets Society was for Robin Williams. Nope. If one dislikes Will Ferrell films, then one will be pleasantly surprised by his performance in this charming, intelligent, and funny film.


AdamSandlerasJohnClaskyAdam Sandler as John Clasky in Spanglish

I’m about as big a fan of Adam Sandler’s films as I am of Will Ferrell’s films. John Clasky is Adam Sandler’s best role I’ve seen so far; Spanglish is the polar opposite to Eight Crazy Nights. Never, ever watch Eight Crazy Nights. Trust me. Watch Spanglish again, instead. You won’t regret it.


JaneLynchasSueSylvesterJane Lynch as Sue Sylvester in Glee

I lost interest in Glee when they started using vocoding on talented singers, but I went back for a binge-watch anyway. I’ve seen Jane Lynch in film roles, and she’s got comic timing and facial expression down to an art. As Sue Sylvester, she is the Queen Mean Girl, and even things which should soften a stone-hearted character don’t.



Mark Sheppard as Crowley in Supernatural

Yes, yes. Sam and Dean and even their dingbat angel pal, Castiel, are supernaturally-endowed heroes with heart. But damn, Mark Sheppard makes being bad look so good in his role as Crowley: The Demon Who Would Be King of Hell. The character’s got depth, motivation, and the writers give him the best lines–like calling the heroes Moose and Squirrel just to poke at them. Mark Sheppard plays it perfectly.


BrittanyMurphyasAbbyBrittany Murphy as Abby in The Ramen Girl

I admit this is a weird pick, up there with Sandler and Ferrell. It’s a clever film, charming. Brittany Murphy was an actor who always was the actor instead of the character. In this film, she was Abby, not Brittany Murphy being herself but with a different name.


Anthony Bourdain as TonyBourdainNoReservationsTony Bourdain in No Reservations

Okay, yes. It’s supposed to be him as himself on the show. Much like Gordon Ramsay is portrayed as a maniac when he is a really nice guy, I think Tony Bourdain’s snarky bad-boy chef image got amped up for the series. The loudmouth chef character entertains in voice-over, weird cinematic moments, and problem-child scrapes. And there is the food. Tony Bourdain does good food-gasm face.


Okay, I’ve done the hop. I have a bit of a problem, however. Despite having blogs which I subscribe to and read, and despite being a #MondayBlogs participant, I really do not know many bloggers well enough to ask them to blog hop. Or, well, their blogs have themes which really don’t appear to have room for a blog hop. So, I’m going to cheat a bit. (Sorry!)

These are the bloggers who Laurie listed with me as part of this particular blog hop. Go visit them and Laurie, okay? 🙂

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Helen Treharne’s Blog




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K. K. Allen’s Blog








Happy watching and reading, all!

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