Cryptid Series News: I Have a Release Date and a Groovy Giveaway!

'Til Undeath Do Us Part

While I was writing and researching for upcoming novels, Indie Imprint was busy preparing my most recent novel for publication. I thought it would take more time, but pre-orders are already available for the April 1, 2015, release of ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part: Volume One of the Cryptid Series.


No joke. It’s being released on April Fool’s Day.



Release the Cryptids!

I am delighted at making my promised Spring 2015 release. I was worried that I would not have the story flowing how I wanted, that it would be burdened with storytelling hiccups and gut-wrenching misspellings. I have given my best effort, and it’s darned respectable on each ebook format I’ve personally seen it on already. Even the cover, which I was concerned over, pops on ebook format. The frustration of porting the Dome Trilogy–which was designed to look great in print–seemed endless. I still struggle with it as I prepare Solaray Dawn for its port, and Nightmare Specters‘s revision took weeks to get it to where it is currently. It’s still having trouble on at least one format, and I’m not sure it will be fixed on the other end of that channel.

I thought I would miss my Spring release entirely because of setbacks between releasing my book to be published and having a firm release date. See, I entered a nascent ebook market a few years ago, and I fell down hard. I learned my lessons, however, so I have worked hard to make sure that the Cryptid Series is written and edited with ebook formatting in mind while retaining the intense storytelling from the first series. My writing style has evolved over the years, yet I hope fans of the Dome Trilogy can slide into the Cryptid Series and enjoy a foray into paranormal science fiction set in the current era. I have a wild ride planned, and I hope you will join the adventure on your ebook format of your choice.

If I missed your preferred ebook retailer, please add a comment below. I’ll do my best to make sure this series gets onto your platform as quickly as possible.


Groovy Giveaway, Part One: Details, Details

To celebrate, Indie Imprint is holding a Twitter-plus-Kindle giveaway for something I think is so nifty that I might download a Kindle copy to get a chance to win. You have until 3/8/2015, so pre-order soon!

The Prize PackageCryptid Series Kindle Cover

  • A Kindle Paperwhite Reader
  • A ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part Kindle Reader Cover
  • My autograph on the reader’s cover–it can be personalized, too!
  • My sincerest gratitude.

The Hoops

  • Pre-Order a copy of ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part on Kindle ebook
  • Use the Tweet Share button on ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part‘s Amazon Page after you buy it.
  • Add my Twitter tag, @Jess_Alter, to your Tweet to let me know you did pre-order it.

Now, I really hope you do modify the tweet, because intrepid adventure spouse thinks it’s adorable that I gallop around the house like a mad Kindergartener when people buy my books. If this goes well, the hot pink tutu may just come out of the Halloween box and be donned as part of the mad celebration. I may even be so overwhelmed with joy that a photo of me in said hot pink tutu could land on Twitter in the coming months. So, maybe something like:

I just pre-ordered ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part (Cryptid Series Book 1) by Jessica Alter (@Jess_Alter) via @amazon


Groovy Giveaway, Part Two: But I’m Not On Twitter, and/or I Don’t Own a Kindle!

Hobbes-whoathereAt this point, I expect the person who reads this blog yet isn’t on Twitter and who doesn’t own a Kindle is wondering why no love for Facebook, Pinterest, Kobo, Nook, iPad . . . and so on. Don’t dismay! You can enter, too.

Comment this entry with:

  • A link to your pre-order shout-out on the social media of your choice
  • The name of the ebook format you bought it in.

We’ll get you added to the contest, and you, too, can win a Kindle paperwhite with the signed cover. Then, when His Brother’s Keeper, Volume 2 of the Cryptid Series comes out, you can enter to win a Nook with a signed Nook cover especially for that book. And when Volume 3 is released, you can enter to win a different reader and a signed cover for it. Same goes for Volume 4.

That’s a lot of e-readers with unique covers, there, and they all could be yours!

Now I definitely want to enter this contest.


A Final Personal Note

ThanksinManyLanguagesI am so grateful to everyone who has bought my books, reviewed them, personally contacted me . . . the list goes on and on. I honestly can’t express how much I want to thank every one of you personally for trying out an unknown, independent author. Each purchase of one of my books is a delight, because it encourages me to keep trying to draft and deliver stories that you want to read. My dream of having even one person buy a book has been replaced with another: I hope some day, someone will say, “I read her stuff before it was cool.”

It’s a silly dream, yes, but I’m a writer. Silly dreams are my stock and trade.

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