Lolly, Lolly, Lolly! That’s What’s Happening, Bernard.

BazookaSquirrelHappy New Year 2015, all.

The last quarter of 2014–especially between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve–was busy. ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part is in digital format and awaits its sweeping edit. I had hoped to have it ready for distribution to beta readers by now, but it is only back in digital format. However, it is only a matter of time before I release my squirrel minions to promote my book.

Yes, that is what I did with the money I could have used to pay an editor: I armed squirrels. Well, except Bernard. He’s sensitive, so he’s taking copyediting classes at night school.

Currently, my brain is fevered with an insatiable lust to purge my book of all adverbs. It’s irrational, considering I adored this Schoolhouse Rock video as a child:

Who doesn’t like Lolly? He and his son run a friendly, helpful small business.

Apparently, the “No on LY!” campaign. Strong verbs for all. Sissy adverbs need not apply. Despite my disdain for the anti-adverb lobby, I considered their argument and spent the day highlighting adverbs and their associated verbs in my writing. I learned I lean hard on generic verbs modified by the adverbs: neatly, softly, and quietly.

So, that’s what’s happening:

On an up note, I believe I can alleviate some of poor Bernard’s burden once he gets his certificate of completion from night school. Squirrels are not known for their skill at handling pencils–even red ones. A sobbing squirrel is sad, indeed, so I have a plan of action:

Highlight adverbs and the verbs they modify.

I did this and found that I have a half-dozen crutch verb-adverb combinations. I would never have noticed them had I not taken out my digital highlighter pen.

Find strong verbs which can replace the verb-adverb combination.

This will take a lot of online research as I pore through dictionaries, thesauri, and websites with strong verb lists I can use.

Assemble a strong verb reference book for future use.

I don’t want to have to chase down new lists of strong verbs to replace crutch verb-adverb combinations every time I write. A three-ring binder with clear sleeves will do the trick. I can add new strong verbs as I find them.


I hope that sooner than later, my dear little Bernard and I will be chatting over hot almond milk and peanut brittle as we wait for ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part to be released in Spring of 2015 and His Brother’s Keeper to be released in Fall of 2015 on these ebook platforms:

I’m doing my best to give my best in 2015. The series has changed a bit, but I have faith in those changes. This isn’t the intense sex, tech, and firearms ride of the Dome Trilogy, yet I will fight to make sure it holds its own as a paranormal science fiction series worth reading.

And if you don’t read it for me, consider doing it for Bernard. He’s sensitive, after all.

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