Book Review of COPYRIGHT: A Novel by Lori Lesko




This is my first book review, so please bear with me. In summation, however, I consider COPYRIGHT: A Novel by author Lori Lesko to be a must-read for fans of psychological thrillers and mysteries. Its fast pace, smart writing, and innovative plot grabs a reader’s attention from the first paragraph and holds it to the last.



Review of COPYRIGHT: A Novel by Lori Lesko

When I received COPYRIGHT: A Novel in the mail, I was surprised by the cover. It appears battered and worn, and my first instinct was to clean off what I thought were smudges. This book’s cover foreshadows the story inside, a life battered by catastrophe after catastrophe for main character Amber Tyler. When I picked it up initially, I was working on expanding my presence on social media, preparing a weblog, and transcribing my own 2015 release into digital format for publication. As a writer, I also make it a rule to avoid reading fiction while I am preparing to publish a work of fiction. I put it down after reading a few pages and decided to break my rule of reading fiction. The first chapter grabbed me, and I promised myself I would return to it the moment my schedule lightened and try to read a chapter at a time whenever I found time.

I put it down only once.

Author Amber Tyler has it all. She has a family–two kids and her beloved significant other, Karen. She lives on the beach in Florida on upscale Singer Island. Her novels are bestsellers, so Amber enjoys writing from home in her little corner of paradise. After getting her kids, teenager Danny and preschooler Kira, ready for school, she settles in to continue the manuscript which she has nearly finished. As she starts to feel ill, Amber’s partner, Karen, comes in just in time to see Amber have a heart attack.

This event is only the beginning of a downward spiral for Amber. Though she recovers from the heart attack physically in time, Amber’s worst fear is realized. The manuscript she worked so hard to complete–the printed pages of which were scattered in her work room and the electronic copy of which was lost when her laptop shorted out–is already in print. Her work has been plagiarized.

Amber’s life careens out of control when she decides to claim copyright of her book through the court system. Everything she worked hard to achieve, personally and professionally, slips through her fingers as she surrenders to old habits to cope with the agony of losing her definitive work to a complete stranger.

COPYRIGHT: A Novel is a psychological thriller mystery written from Amber’s point of view. It carried me, the reader, through some of the darkest places a human being can go.  As the character was given opportunities to break free from her self-destruction, I hoped she would choose to rescue herself and agonized with each decision which devastated her life and the lives of her loved ones. Lori’s book grabbed me and didn’t let go until it had carried me through to the last page, twisting and turning until it reached its shocking and unexpected denouement. I cared about the people Lori created. I felt this book fully as I read, sometimes wanting to shake Amber and yell at her to snap out of it before it was too late. Lori’s writing is smart and rich, and she paints vividly emotive pictures in prose.

This book is not for readers who are averse to same-sex relationships or alcohol/drug abuse or both. Amber Tyler is a recovering addict and a lesbian parent in a committed love relationship with her co-parent and partner, Karen. The family and relationship dynamics and Amber’s personal journey through the novel might offend individuals who are uncomfortable with either subject.

I consider COPYRIGHT: A Novel by author Lori Lesko to be a must-read for fans of psychological thrillers and mysteries. Its fast pace, smart writing, and innovative plot grabs a reader’s attention from the first paragraph and holds it to the last. Lori’s novel is proof that independent authors (the novel was published through CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform) should not be overlooked because they don’t have large publishing houses behind them. Available on Kindle and in print from Amazon, on Nook and in print from Barnes & Noble, on Kobo ebook, and in print at, COPYRIGHT: A Novel is the perfect gift for the mystery, suspense, and thriller reader.

As a powerhouse independent author, Lori Lesko is an author to watch.

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    1. Thank you. COPYRIGHT: A Novel gave me an opportunity to do something different as a writer. Thanks, Lori, for writing a great novel which deserved my best effort reviewing it!


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