#MondayBlogs Round Up (08 December 2014)

Ho, ho, ho! #MondayBlogs Round Up is here again!

It’s another MondayBlog’s Round Up!

Every Monday, I read a lot of blogs. I comment several, and I tweet those over the entire day. These are the blogs I tweeted on December eighth.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



“Stop Getting Upset When You’re Unfollowed on Twitter…” by Elyse Salpeter () for


“Make Sure You’re Saying What You Want to Say” by Scott Bury () for


“The Art of Doing Nothing” by Jarrett Lerner () for


“A Writer’s Inspiration” by Melanie Hatfield () for


“Missing Champ” by Camela Thompson () for


“Narrative Is Important for Fiction, But Bad for Reality” by Scott Bury () for


“Plot Party Crashers – Where Do They Belong?” by Ellen Mulholland () for


“Facebook’s New Policy: What’s an Author to Do?” by Maxwell Cynn () for


“Writer Wish List: 7 Practical Gifts for the Starving Artist” by Heather Jackson () for


“Cookery Rhymes: The Land of Nod” by Eric Johnson () for


“How to be Happy During the Holidays” by Morgan Dragonwillow () for


“Writing: Does It EVER Cooperate?” by Judith Post () for


“Is Sex in Romance Novels Necessary?” by Karen Gordon () for


“10 Ways Creative Writing Empowers My Entire Life” by Cindy Grigg () for


“How to Give Back This Holiday Season” by Lynsey () for


“Hardcore Greyhound” by Phil Conquest () for


“Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil” by Beryl Kingston () at for


“Are Books a Luxury, or Necessity?” by Carmela Dutra () for


“5 Things To Do If An Agent Has Your Manuscript For Months” by Carly Watters () for


and last but not least:

“It’s a Wild, Wild Writing Life” by Jess Alter for

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