#MondayBlogs Round Up (01 December 2014)

MondayBlogsThanks to everyone who wrote amazing online articles and web journal entries. I love participating in MondayBlogs, because I learn so much and get to read more than just 140-character blurbs of inspiration from the great people I meet on Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by, and I encourage you to leave a comment–especially if you enjoy one of the blogs featured below.


“I Hate… Strong Female Characters” by Jenn Lyons () via for


“ABC’s of Writing” by L. Z. Marie () for


“Looking at Facebook’s New Policy” by Maxwell Cynn () for


“New World Order” by Kai Wilson-Viola () for


How Are You Ever Going to Learn?” by Allison K. Williams () for



“Chick Lit Prejudice: Romance Isn’t for Smart Women” by Lavinia Collins () for


“When to Post to Social Media” by Nicholas C. Rossis () for



“10 Things You Hate About Wine Service in Restaurants and Bars” by Drew () for


“Developing Natural Audience – A Correspondence with Rachel Thompson” by Deborah Oster Pannell for


“Rage, Rude, and Retail. The Holiday Season” by Stephanie Neighbour () for


“Repurposing SMART Goals for Character Development” by Drew Chial () for


“Top Ten Things I’ve Learned As An Indie Author” by guest R.S. Guthrie on Molly Greene’s Blog for


“30 Inspiring Movies I Am Grateful For” by Kathy Gottberg () for


“Writing: Emotional Rhythms” by Judith Post () for


“My Favorite Things” by Kylie Betzner () for


and, of course:


“If You Believe in Books, Clap Your Hands and Review” by Jess Alter for

2 thoughts on “#MondayBlogs Round Up (01 December 2014)”

  1. Hey Jess! Thank you for including me in this linkup of blog posts! I’m fairly new to the #MondayBlogs so I’m excited abut reading the other posts you’ve listed and connecting with other bloggers. Thanks again and now I’m on to some good reading. ~Kathy


    1. Thank you, Kathy. I look at a couple dozen posts on Mondays and pick the ones which inspire me to comment, reformat into a new tweet, and share on MondayBlogs. I’m looking forward to reading more from you in the coming weeks. 🙂


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