#MondayBlogs Round Up (24 November 2014)

MondayBlogsYesterday I participated in #MondayBlogs on Twitter. I read, commented, and retweeted some great online journal entries yesterday.

Following is a recap list of those weblogs. All are wonderful reads, definitely worth reading and commenting on.


“Be Novel For Your Novel” by Allison Maruska for



“Silver Threads” by Anne Stephenson for


“Film Review: ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1’ ” by Screeners for



“Dark Chocolate Cleanse–Remove Toxins and Feel Good!” by Tamie Dearen for



“Rejections Are Part of the Journey” by Patricia Sands for


“Channeling Grandma” by Jacqueline DeMuro for



“Good Thing Charles Manson Isn’t Gay” by Stephanie Neighbour for


“Give Yourself Permission” by Allison K. Williams for



“My Daughter’s Superpowers” by Greg Mischio for



“Writer’s Thoughts: The Mystery of the Semicolon” by S. Evan Townsend for


“A Writer at the Movies: Episode 1, Star Wars” by Joe Prosit for


“Readerality” by L.Z. Marie for


“Behind the Mask: When to Reveal What a Character is Thinking” by Drew Chial for



“3 Ways to BOOST Your Blog” by Alex Zamorski for


“Letter to an Aspiring Author” by Samantha Tonge for



“3 Tips for Writers Who Are NOT Their Own Worst Critic” by Emily Wenstrom for



“How To Build A Top-Notch Media Kit” by MM Jaye (hosted by Molly Greene) for



“Why Me and Not You? Why You and Not Me?” by Judy Nichols for



and my own entry from yesterday:


“Anarchy and Pink Typewriters: 10 Rules for Rebellious Writers” by Jess Alter for



Thanks to all. Happy reading and writing, everyone!

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