Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect 200 Retweets.

Right this way . . .

Wow. I landed in Twitter jail today. I think.

It said my rate limit was reached when I tried to favourite a Tweet by Santa Claus. Yes. I was denied giving Santa Claus a gold star for being, well, Santa Claus.

I think I understand the value of multiple social media platforms, now. I also think I spent too much time today on Twitter.

Learning about Twitter is a fascinating process. Some people don’t get into conversations with others. I feel bad I don’t follow those people back, but they’re not really interested in the social aspect of social media to me. It’s advertising. A product or themselves, I’m not sure it matters.

Some people only retweet others’ tweets. Some people tweet what they’re selling over and over. Some people are just plain chatty, like I am.

I really would like to get people to read my books, but I realize that a commitment to purchasing even an inexpensive book, sight unseen, is still a big commitment. I don’t toss down my book links often. I will if someone asks, though. And I have pinned something about my books at the top of my profile. Perhaps Sunday would be best-served cleaning my home for Thanksgiving and transcribing some of that trinity of published books into literary amuse-bouches.

I am a good science fiction writer. I worked hard to put out the best I could when I published each of those novels. Every one is better-crafted than the previous. I’m kind-of proud of my trilogy, actually. I’m hoping that whoever wins the book giveaway on Monday enjoys the books I wrote–especially if that person is traveling and needs entertainment.

I’m nowhere near perfect, but I’m learning. That’s a pretty great feeling to know I am still making progress.

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