Fly, My Pretties! 7 Lovely Things You May Not Know About Me

Caution: 7 Lovely Revelations at Work!

Okay, so, uh, I got tagged by author Jane Bled on Twitter after she was part of JMD Reid’s 7 Lovely Things blog entry after he was part of Paige Randall’s 7 Lovely Things blog entry. All of these folks are on Twitter and are great folks to follow: @janebled, @JMDReid, and @ThePaigeRandall.



Seven things about me. Seven. Whew. This is hard.

1. I am a leftie who has trouble telling left from right.

Yep. Someone apparently taught me as a child the difference from left-and-right handedness by telling us that people write with their right hands. Great lesson for 90+% of the class. I have spent a lot of my time doing things backwards, fighting with rightie school desks, and spending my handwriting life with pencil graphite or pen ink on the pinkie side of my left palm. I’m not a hook-writing leftie.

Oh, and the one time I met Todd McFarlane at a comics/gaming convention, I blurted aloud, “Oh, you’re a leftie, too.” His agenty-person told me nastily to move on. Here’s another revelation. It wasn’t my comic book he signed. I stood in line for a friend, having no idea who Todd McFarlane was or why my friends were so excited.

2. I’m eating-disordered.

I’ve spend most of my life overweight or obese. I’ve gotten into treatment and am currently on a food plan that’s keeping me under 300 lbs. and over 150 lbs.; when I started losing weight on the food plan, I dropped 115 lbs. and was so thin that I could put a fist in “The Triangle” at my upper thighs when my knees were held together. My thighs didn’t touch my hand. Mind you, I have big hands, bigger than most men’s hands, though they look like my mother’s hands. My individual ribs, spinal column bones, and hip bones could be counted. I was told several times to eat a sandwich. So, I gained weight again to be healthy.

I am a healthy weight currently, but I long to be too thin again because I felt powerful. Not happy, just powerful.

3. My first full-length novel was lost forever when my hard drive crashed in 1993.

I consider it a great day in literature on that day “Kittra: Dragon Rider” was lost. It was awful, despite being the first time someone told me they wanted to read more. The greatest gift for a budding writer is to tell him or her that about an expanding project. The PC repair guys were able to recover some of my hard drive’s data, but my very first novel draft was not among the recovered files.

4. I participated in National Novel Writing Month for the first time in 2003, and The Dome Trilogy is that 2003 Winner.

I met my hetero writing-mate that year, and we were the last two people standing at our local write-ins. She participated the year before, as well. My most valued NaNoWriMo possessions are the black and brown tees with the NaNoWriMo 2003 logo on the fronts.

And another secret revelation: My last (and thirteenth) NaNoWriMo will be in 2015.

5. I am the human model for intrepid adventure-spouse.

I’m on prints and a bumper sticker, and me and my trusty Teton Sports Oasis 1200 backpack are nigh-on inseparable when I’m out. I own purses which gather dust.

6. I almost died before I was a month old.

As a slightly premature winter baby, I caught rubella. I’ve seen the photo my mother said she was afraid would be the only picture she ever had of me. A year later, I was a fat little baby who smiled all of the time or made funny faces at cameras. I still make the funny faces.

7. My Barney the Dinosaur impression is a failed Big Bird impression.

I’ve done silly voices since I was a kid, and I got pretty good at mimicry as a teen with pop songs of the 1980s. I’m a mom. Kids love goofy voices, so I do goofy voices. Well, my firstborn loved all things Big Bird. So, I steeled my nerves and opened my mouth to make Big Bird happen for my child.

Out came Barney. Yeah. On the bright side, I was able to mimic the zebra from a game in Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo (“Hey! Ya got me!”). I can do a passable Goofy and taught my kids how to do Marvin the Martian. Another oddity? I will slide accents in conversation. It’s actually not on purpose.

*–_–*_–_ *–_–*_–_ *–_–*_–_ *

So, uh, whose blogs do I read, now? Well, I don’t tend to read many, though I did participate in one #MondayBlogs before life just went wonky. Uh, I do regularly read Drew Chial’s posts when I see them on my Twitter stream.

I tend to avoid writing advice blogs because they make me feel like I should give up. I keep being told not to read writing advice for this very reason. I plan on doing a must-read blogroll through here on a Tuesday at some point, after participating in #MondayBlogs.

I still have a million things to do. Oddly enough, very few involve promoting my own books. So, uh, this mental evacuation below is more a To-Do list for me. It might entertain you to see what I plan before 2014 ends. Or not.

  • Prepare my Twitter lists, so I can participate in Friday Follow #FF and more shoutout stuff.
  • Participate in more Hashtag chats and challenges.
  • Read and write reviews for the indie authors whose titles I was exposed to on Twitter.
  • Join Goodreads and put up an author’s page. I think my books are on Goodreads, however.
  • Get outside a lot more.
  • Write in my weblog here a lot more often, even though no one reads it.
  • Participate fully in #MondayBlogs by Reading, Commenting, and Retweeting.
  • Do a Tuesday Blog Compendium here of the posts I read on #MondayBlogs.

Okay. All done.

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