#WednesdayWritingWIP, Anyone?

Attribution: Belcastro Agency

So, I’m inspired by #MondayBlogs and a great author lady named Christa and the whole National Novel Writing Month phenomenon this year. Yes, yes. Seasoned NaNoNovelists will say it was a phenomenon before, but this year I can barely upload word count without the site crashing. That’s an internet phenomenon.


My hope is to evolve this into a weekly works-in-progress blog-linked update for anyone in the writing industry to share what they’re working on at the moment.

I’m not quite sure how to do it. The Monday Blogs folks have it down, and I’m impressed very much by how they do it. Part of me simply wants to do a Wednesday-themed version of their idea for writers. However, I’m a writer. That’s plagiarism. It’s their genius, and sniping it is not groovy.

So, this idea is rolling around in my mind currently.

Oh, and as for my #WednesdayWritingWIP?

I’m currently working on these:

(1) My National Novel Writing Month entry, a particularly fluffy little nougat of fiction entitled: Enrobed;

(2) Preparing The Mission Point series for free publication. To feel comfortable enough to sell the books in that series, I would have years and years of editing and polishing ahead of me. I have the Cryptid Series to focus on right now, so releasing these rougher comedic women’s fiction books works as a free read. The stories are entertaining, though the series arc needs work. Or perhaps it doesn’t. The Mission Point series is a soap opera. Continuity doesn’t have to be extraordinary in soap operas, just functional.

I hate the idea of putting anything out which hasn’t gotten a serious work-over.

So, is #WednesdayWritingWIP even worth doing, folks? Is publishing the Mission Point Series something people want to see–imperfect as it will be? I would love to hear people’s opinions on both.

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