“Trick-Or-Tweet!” Details for The Dome Trilogy Giveaway

Haunted House
Halloween Cookie House

I am nearly at 100 followers on Twitter, so I am giving away digital copies of The Dome Trilogy to celebrate!

How does one have a chance to win? Continue reading and find out.



The Rules:

(1) Be one of my Twitter followers;

(2) When I put out my lit jack o’lantern image on October 31, 2014, be the first to reply “Trick or Tweet!” to the picture;

(3) Win PDFs of Beneath a Sunless Sky, Nightmare Specters, AND Solaray Dawn!

That’s it!

No mailing list. No e-mail spam. I’ll send you a DM on Twitter to get an email to send all three to you as attachments. All three will be on their way to you that day. Even better, I’ll be tweeting tomorrow as the book giveaway nears, so you can be ready.

Even better, here’s the lit pumpkin you’re looking for:

Sackboy Pumpkin
Sackboy Pumpkin

So, to recap:

(1) Follow me on Twitter;

(2) Watch for tweets leading up to the Dome Trilogy Book Giveaway;

(3) Reply Trick or Tweet! FIRST when I tweet this jack o’lantern pumpkin image;

(4) WIN!


Thank you all so much for making my Twitter experience a great one.


Congratulations to Duncan Ferguson! Thank you so much, and I hoped you enjoyed the books.


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