In The Garden of Good and “That Looks So-o-o Good!”: Three Days to NaNoWriMo 2014

The Garden of Eden . . . in Truffles
1-lb. Truffle Assortment from The Chocolate Garden

My National Novel Writing Month 2014 project is in the queue waiting for 00:00:00 on 01 November 2014. I don’t expect to be writing many tweets (I can hear the collective sighs of relief already) in November, nor am I sure about my journal entries. It’s also really early in the morning after a late night, so I’m tired. However, I just had to play with the image to the left. Go on. Click it. It will take you to the Chocolate Garden.

Yes. There is such a place.

I’ve been staring at this image since I had to ask myself: “How many chocolates in a pound assortment from a good chocolatier?” I wanted to use the image, but I found no way to attribute it. So, linking it to the chocolatier, themselves, made sense. It’s a picture of their chocolates, and indie gotta help out indie.

So, as for Enrobed, this is the foundation of the story. In this box of chocolates are sixteen one-ounce, hand-crafted wishes. Just like chocolates are calorically dense, any granted wish has a downside. I don’t think it should matter if one is careful. One messes with synchronicity and serendipity with granted wishes, and altering the flow of events abruptly by inserting a wish must have a price.

You break it; you buy it.

Ooh. I should make the main character named Penny or Dora. Or Penelope “Penny” Dora Bach. Sure. What the hey. If I decide the book can slide into publication, then I can change it from the obvious stinker of a play-on-words. Though I am really liking Penelope Dora Bach, because wishing on a penny is kind-of cool and goes with the whole theme.

Okay. Penelope Dora Bach she is, and she’s constantly making wishes that never come true, like the rest of us. Welcome to real life, Penny. No one gets what they want (though, according to The Rolling Stones, one can get one’s needs met with effort).

So, story development so far:

  • Chick Lit is the project’s genre, which means comic mischief and a massive life lesson learned by the protagonist;
  • The MC (main character) is named Penelope Dora Bach, though everyone calls her Penny;
  • The location is “Collegetown, USA” (massive migratory population), and the time is now (or possibly last year);
  • Penny has the obligatory sidekick best friend who is a quirky creative type and is as outrageous as Penny is conservative;
  • A mysterious and cool stranger dude from some place exciting breezes into town one spooky night, but he’s not the intended love interest in the story;
  • The love interest is the Boy Next Door who’s beneath romantic notice of the protagonist, Penny;
  • The antagonist will not be who initially appears to be the antagonist.

Hijinks must ensue. It’s not Chick Lit without hijinks and snark–which is why I am going to make an outrageous sidekick best friend to amp up the zaniness factor.

I’m pretty excited about the direction this is going. I’ve never shared the process of going from nebulous idea to rough draft with anyone besides those closest to me. I see potential in sharing the journey from inception to end in this web journal. Hopefully, the end will involve some kind of digital publication of the story. Of course, I can’t let it get in the way of the Cryptid Series. My priority is publication and dissemination of that series in 2015.

Solaray Dawn still is not showing up on Amazon. Yes, I know it will take weeks for it to be uploaded to their catalog of available books. I was just hoping for a bit of surprising and good news to share today.

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