It’s My Creation: My Weird Cryptid Science Series is Moving Forward!

Dierer Woodcut


“From my heart and from my hand

Why don’t people understand

My intentions?”


– Oingo Boingo, Weird Science



Okay. This is the first-ever embedding I’ve done in a post, journal entry, or anything of the like. *Polite Golf Clap* Aaaaand, moving on!


The Cryptid Series is getting nicely outlined. I’ve finished the heavy-duty outline of His Brother’s Keeper (Book Two of the Cryptid Series). It’s holding up, will likely get another more substantial outline before it gets drafted and typed on a pink typewriter. It might not get its type-up on my Olivetti, because my intrepid adventure spouse has decided to surprise me with . . .

Pink Royal Futura

. . . a brand new refurbished typewriter! It’s a Royal Futura typewriter from the 1960s in the Rose/Pink and Gray color scheme (photo attribution:, on a closed sale of this typewriter). While it’s not the vibrant pink of my (obviously) re-sprayed hot pink and hot-blooded Olivetti from Spain, it’s going to be a wonderful friend to my first- ever pink typewriter.



Life is coming up roses for the Cryptid Series, and I’m having a wonderful time returning to those noveling roots. Writing by hand and transcribing onto paper has changed the entire game for me. You can see my two notebook and completed pink pages there, along with my writing fuel.   ———————–>


Another first, putting images into a journal entry all-by-my-onesie. Thank you for bearing such forbearing natures as I work on joining the rest of the 21st century. Dancing baloney and scrolling marquees are banished forever. Well, maybe not forever. An ironically-placed animated whatever-it-is can be funny. But I promise that I won’t have forced audio ever, ironic or not.

Okay. Back to Cryptid Series news!

'Til Undeath Do Us Part

‘Til Undeath Do Us Part (Book One in the Cryptid Series)

The first book is complete, ready for transcription into digital format in December. I’ll be sending it out to my test readers first, make some changes based on their notes, and it will be published in multiple ebook formats some time between January and March 2015.

His Brother’s Keeper (Book Two in the Cryptid Series)

The second book is outlined in detail and is ready to be written by hand. I plan to be handwriting it and typing it right about the time I send the first book out to my test readers. Otherwise, it will be handwritten then typed starting the day that ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part is released. If fortune favors me? It will be released in July 2015, but I have a self-imposed September 2015 release month.

_______________________ (Book Three in the Cryptid Series)

The third book’s title is staying a secret for now, because its title gives a huge hint about the primary cryptid featured in the book. I’ve started the heavy-duty detailed outline, and a lot of changes are being made. My hope is for a pre-NaNoWriMo release, but it’s more realistic for a December 2015/January 2016 release.

______________________ (Book Four in the Cryptid Series)

This one has a really weak working title, which again gives a hint as to the primary cryptid featured in the book. I’ve got a really bare-bones outline prepared already, waiting for Book Three’s meaty outline to be completed. The rough draft which I took it from is written already, though the series has gone through a huge change already. My goal for release of Book Four is four-to-six months after the release of Book Three.

Then, I’ll be taking a short break before working on the next grouping of four books in the series. This series, like The Dome Trilogy, will be completed from beginning to end. To me, it doesn’t matter how long it takes. I may publish one-shot stories and books on the side, and possibly even in other genres, but my focus will be on the Cryptid Series.

I love this series, personally. I hope it evolves; I hope I evolve with it. Mostly, I hope that it’s the middle and not the end of my noveling career.


Now . . . news from the Dome World!

Beneath a Sunless Sky
Beneath a Sunless Sky
Nightmare Specters
Nightmare Specters
Solaray Dawn
Solaray Dawn

All three are available in paperback print and PDF direct from the publisher. Solaray Dawn is available from the publisher and Barnes and Noble. Still waiting on Amazon, but it’ll happen.



Last, but not at all least, NaNoWriMo 2014 news!

I was having difficulty coming up with something to write this year, but I settled on a premise which I had posted in the forums for anyone to take. Well, I took it, and I’ll be practicing writing this November. I’m looking forward to writing something light and fluffy, like the center of a chocolate-dipped marshmallow.


Well, I’m exhausted. I tried really hard to make a visually interesting post, finally. I promise that I’m trying to get better at this and go from TextTextTextText to something a bit more interesting and interactive.

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