Solaray Dawn: If You Publish, Will They Come?

Solaray Dawn
Solaray Dawn

So, Solaray Dawn is currently available to read, published in both paperback print and PDF ebook. It will take a few weeks for it to show up through the big distributors, but it’s available from the publisher’s site. So, there you go, Guy in Kentucky. I got ‘er out before Halloween, like I said I would.

On the Cryptid Series front, the second book of the series, His Brother’s Keeper, is enjoying a plot face lift during its outlining. Themes that I never considered have been coming to me, and I’m going to pursue them. I’m really excited about it, despite not being sure how to express these in a way which will make it compelling.

However, I have looked at my list of cryptid critters added to this redraft (since it is the Cryptid Series, not the Yet Another Vampire Series), and I’ve got a fun assortment of the weird and wonderful from a time when unicorns weren’t narwhals and mermaids weren’t manatees.

I thought I’d have a long post for this, but there’s not much besides the release of Solaray Dawn and the progress on the Cryptid Series. I’m still hoping for a three-to-four month release, but it looks more reasonable to go for a six-month release schedule. I really want this series to hold together and be entertaining and well-written, so release schedule is up in the air. What it won’t be, however, is the seven-year stretch between books one and three. Plus, they’re going to be a more reasonably-sized read. The first book, ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part, is weighing in at around 80,000 words–an average-sized paperback.

Last but not least, I had a small issue with the use of ‘Til versus Till in the book title. Traditionally, the words from the wedding vows is “Till Death Do Us Part”. ‘Til is a modern Americanized interpretation of the contraction of until. Since this is a modern fairy tale, it’s appropriate enough for the title.

Okiedokie. Well, it’s nine days until NaNoWriMo starts, and I have nothing but a bunch of forum posts going into November. I’m learning more about using my Jess Alter Twitter account in a less-annoying fashion, which is difficult.

Social media. Graaugh. Writing novels is so much easier.

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