To A Guy in Kentucky, I’m Mrs. Unlucky . . .

Dear Guy in Kentucky,

Welp, the third book in the Dome Trilogy is sitting right next to me. It has quite a few little plastic sticky flags poking out of from between its pages, like some modern art rendition of a porcupine. However, they’re minor errors (typos, forgotten letters) with only one big error–four pages formatted like a Choose Your Own Adventure book (183 to 186 to 184 to 185 to 187 … but the numbering on the actual pages is in order. Burr… what?).

So, Guy in Kentucky who has waited so patiently for the final Wagnerian finish to this massive Dome Cycle, it’s coming this month. Yep. October 2014. Okay, by 23:59:59 on Halloween. May it be a treat and not a horrible trick.

Why? National Novel Writing Month. See, the Dome Trilogy is a WriMo baby. My first National Novel Writing Month winner, actually, in 2003. That is a long, long time to have three books hanging over one’s head. On the down side, it took me eleven years to get all three from nascence to here. On the upside, my writing has gotten better. If you like Nightmare Specters, I’ve been told that this one holds together pretty well. It’s very good news, considering the draft that was written when Nightmare Specters was prepared for publication was very boring. It was senseless tree murder then. Now it’s poorly-justified tree murder.

So, what’s in store in this next book? Well, a lot of loose ends tied up. Places mentioned in the first two books visited. Of course, sex and tech and firearms. Well, and pistol magazines called clips inappropriately. It’s the Dome world. Everything is a Glock or an AK-47 to them.

Why was I puttering on this, Mrs. Alter! What was so important that a book delivered into my hands mid-September and slogged through by my intrepid wired Jack of a spouse to scan for readability (so Central Computer wouldn’t kick it back then demote me to denizen status) was put on hold?

WritingCalluses. Pastel pink pages. A hot pink Spanish typewriter (made in Bar-r-thelona!).

And cryptids, my dear Kentuckian gent. Cryptids.

Yes, in the tradition of actually-talented novelists, I am hand-writing and typing upon a wondrous machine that’s older than me. I even have to pause to rewind my typewriter ribbon, hearkening to my misspent adolescence (I had a very uninspired and unadventurous adolescence, hence misspent) dealing with VHS and audio cassette tapes. Okay, more like audio cassette tapes, rewindable by a finger or a No. 2 pencil. The hexagonal kind. Or was it octagonal? Oh, who cares, as long as the vampires are plentiful.

Plentiful vampires, she says? Plentiful? A bounty of bloodsuckers, she says? Yes! ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part, the first book in the Cryptid Series, is getting hunted-and-pecked out on a typewriter which uses capital O for zero, lower-case L for one, and needs a space added behind the accent which I use as a single quote. It’s an Olivetti lettera 32, so exciting that I literally almost fell off my Throne of Noveling. It’s a drum throne with a wobbly seat. See how dedicated I am?

All silliness aside, I really am going to get Solaray Dawn pushed through the system this week and out into the public. Is it perfect? Nope. However, since my readers are perfectly wonderful (especially those from states beginning with the letter K), I’m going to pause the pink stuff and place Solaray Dawn at the fore. So, to summarize:

(1) Solaray Dawn, the third and final book in the Dome Trilogy has a set release date of October 31, 2014 (or earlier!);
(2) The Cryptid Series‘s first book, ‘Til Undeath Do Us Part, is currently in the works;
(3) My 12th National Novel Writing Month is coming up, and I’m celebrating Number Twelve by publishing Number Three of Number One.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall, Kentucky guy. And love your state motto, fella.

Ever overcaffeinated,

Mrs. A—
October 1, 20–

[If there are hyperlinks in this, remember to thank my wired Jack of a husband. In binary, of course.]

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